Customer Testimonials.

Hear what our clients have to say about their experiences with Sageworks Bank Information.

Community Bank Consulting Inc.

“The Sageworks Bank Information subscription is invaluable to me. It allows me to get good financial information on a bank and to compare it to a customized peer group quickly and easily. It saves me hours of time trying to navigate the regulator driven websites. Plus, the charting capabilities are easy to use and great for client presentations.”

Roberta Wagner, Partner

Bugbee Wagner Management and Regulatory Consultants | Gig Harbor, WA

Community Bank Consulting Inc.

“Over the years I have become fairly proficient at maneuvering through the bank regulators’ websites to get the peer data I want to analyze and, to be honest, I was originally skeptical that Sageworks Bank Information would add value to that process. However, I was definitely mistaken. Sageworks makes it quick and easy for me to create peer groups, select the specific metrics I am interested in, and then simply transfer the data to a spreadsheet for analysis. The benefits of Sageworks Bank Information became even more apparent when I needed credit union data. Within a few minutes of adding the access to Credit Unions, I was able to create a peer group of local credit unions and analyze their deposit growth in my community. I am impressed with the amount of data that is so easily accessible to me. Thank you again for introducing your product to me. It has been worth every penny.”

Brent Kimball, Comptroller

First National Bank Alaska | Anchorage, AK

Community Bank Consulting Inc.

“What I like most about Sageworks Bank Information is the ability to easily export information into spreadsheets! Additionally, Sageworks’ interest in feedback makes working with them different from working with other companies in this space. They are truly dedicated to making the product what it needs to be by including those that use it in design and feature discussions. When I provide feedback on the product, they listen! The team that works with the product is very energetic and interested in producing a high quality product.”

Jeff Simpkins, President & CEO

Community Bank Consulting, Inc. | Charlotte, NC

Community Bank Consulting Inc.

“I’m continually impressed with my Sageworks Bank Information subscription. Sageworks has done a great job of turning their proprietary data into useful and powerful information. No competitor can show me peer comparison ratios and trends the way Bank Information can – because only Sageworks has access to real data from the hundreds of banks on its platform. In a market where providers try to “customize” what’s really just publicly available information, Sageworks has distinguished itself by delivering clean and actionable information for bank executives. This is a great “print-and-go” resource for any bank CEO, CFO, and CCO. You can’t get this stuff anywhere else!”

Bob Koncerak, EVP/CFO

Peoples Bank of Alabama | Cullman, AL

Community Bank Consulting Inc.

“The greatest advantage to a subscription to Sageworks Bank information is the high level of quality service. The support staff are intense in listening to an end user and then taking that next step to enhance the software. Bundled with Credit Unions, it provides a unique means to assess all financial institutions in a market without jumping from one regulatory agency’s turf to another. Bank profiles for each institution are great, providing all the necessary information at hand, including key metrics from the most recent filings and contact information of the executive officers. It’s all there, put together with serious thought and foresight.”

Steven H. Shimotsu, CPA CFSA, Bank Management Consultant

Credit Risk Solutions | McAllen, TX