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Access bank and credit union news from more than 30,000 local and national publications.


  • Filter news by institution, state, region, and subject.
  • Set up email alerts and daily newsletters.
  • Access regulatory, M&A, and employee news.
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Filtered News

Filtered news allows users to view and prioritize news by topic, including: banking industry news, credit union industry news, earnings, legal news, boardroom changes, markets news, employee moves, and M&A news. News can be further sorted by region, state, institution, and peer group.

Email News Alerts and Newsletters

Real-time email alerts notify users of the latest news related to a specific institution, group of institutions, region, state, and/or subject of interest. In addition, customizable newsletters summarize the most relevant news of the day.

Industry News

Industry news allows users to stay on top of the latest industry developments by displaying the most recent news within each industry topic.