Industry Data.

Compare business borrowers to their industry peers.

  • View current financial ratio benchmarks for privately held companies in over 1,400 industries.
  • Export data into Excel and compare a borrower to its industry peers by more than 60 metrics.
  • Search for benchmarks by NAICS code, region, state, and company size.

Understand current financial ratio and metric trends in more than 1,400 industries.


  • Access the most current private company data.
  • Export industry reports that include 60 metrics.
  • Filter data by industry, state, and revenue range.
  • View current and historical industry averages.

Industry Data Filters

Industry Data filters allow users to customize reports so only businesses that are truly comparable to the commercial borrower being benchmarked are included. Industry Data filters include state, region, revenue range, and industry/NAICS code.

Financial Metrics

Data on more than 60 financial ratios, growth metrics, and common size income statement and balance sheet accounts are included in each Industry Data report. Key metrics include debt service coverage ratio, interest coverage ratio, net profit margin, sales growth, and more.

Current and Historical Benchmarks

Industry Data reports include financial ratio averages for the last 12 months as of the current date, the last two calendar years, a last five years average, and an “all years” average.