Make in depth financial institution analysis easy.

  • Use advanced search filters to target and analyze U.S. banks by more than 1,000 metrics.
  • Compare a single bank to any group of peers and quickly graph and export the results.
  • Access the Excel Add-In to create reports directly in Excel using financial and profile data.

Analyze and compare U.S. banks by more than 1,000 financial metrics.


  • Generate custom reports in Excel using the Excel Add-In.
  • Analyze a bank in comparison to any peer group by 1,000 metrics.
  • Use advanced search filters to create a targeted bank list.
  • Create management reports using single click charting.

Financial Analysis and Peer Comparisons

Performance gives users the ability to quickly search for any U.S. bank and analyze current and historical financial statements and metrics in comparison to those of a peer or group of peers. Users can generate charts and export data to Excel in a single click.

Excel Add-In

Residing in Excel, the Excel Add-In enables users to create custom reports on banks and bank holding companies using any data item from the Bank Information database. It includes one-click “refreshability” to automatically update existing reports.

Advanced Search Filtering

Detailed search filters allow users to create targeted lists and peer groups of banks and bank holding companies by city, state, region, asset size, and any financial metric.