ALLL Benchmarks.

Support your qualitative factor adjustments.

  • Justify your qualitative factor adjustments during exams.
  • Access current and otherwise hard to find data from U.S. banks.
  • Be better prepared for board presentations with ALLL documentation.

More than 50% of bankers say that supporting and calculating qualitative factors is their biggest challenge in the ALLL process.


  • View trends in qualitative factor adjustments.
  • Access FAS 5 (ASC 450-20) historical loss rates by call code.
  • Export data and graphs into Excel with one click.
  • Filter data by region, asset size, and call code.

FAS 5 (ASC 450-20) Qualitative Adjustments Trends

FAS 5 (ASC 450-20) Qualitative Adjustment Trends show how banks are adjusting their qualitative factors over the last year. Drill down by region, call code, and asset size and focus in on the qualitative factor or factors that are important to your organization.

FAS 5 (ASC 450-20) Historical Loss Rates

FAS 5 (ASC 450-20) Historical Loss Rates show average historical loss rates by call code over the last year.

ALLL Reserve Amount

ALLL Reserve Amount shows, on average, what the reserve amount is for FAS 5 (ASC 450-20) and FAS 114 (ASC 310-10-35) loans across banks over the last 8 quarters.

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Sageworks anonymously aggregates the data in ALLL Benchmarks from U.S. banks and credit unions. In all metrics, we show the volume of loan data that is included and the number of banks tracked to allow users to understand the significance of the data.